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Dunwoody Wildcat Theatre



2023-2024 Competition Schedule

*weekly practice Fridays after school

Sept 16              Alpharetta Treasure Hunt (Alpharetta HS) 
Oct 28                Sequoyah HS (Canton, GA)
Nov 10-11          Peach State Classic (Carrollton HS)
Dec 2                 
Midtown HS  (Atlanta, GA)

Dec 9.                Northview HS (John's Creek, GA)
Jan 13                Lassiter HS (Marietta, GA)

Jan 26-28          Barkley Forum for High Schools (EMORY UNIVERSITY) 

Feb 9-10            GFCA Varsity State (Marist)

March 1-2          North GA Mountain District Tournament National Qualifiers
TBA                    National Speech and Debate Championship

Dunwoody High School participates in the National Speech and Debate Association.


Speech involves a presentation by one or two students that is judged against a similar type of presentation by others in a round of competition. There are two general categories of speech events, public address events and interpretive events. See chart below for specific categories. 

Public address events feature a speech written by the student, either in advance or with limited prep, that can answer a question, share a belief, persuade an audience, or educate the listener on a variety of topics.


Interpretation events center upon a student selecting and performing published material and appeal to many who enjoy acting and theatre. 


Mr. Gay helps students select a piece to memorize and the student practices on their own.  Students signup for weekly 1:1 sessions after school with Mr. Gay for feedback.  The competition schedule will be published and the meets are usually on Saturdays. Students travel to the meets to the compete.

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We do not currently have a Debate Team.

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